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Green Eye Productions Academy is a UK based independent film and TV production company wholly committed to creating incredible stories. We focus on making our products ecological, economic, and sociologically green, we pride ourselves in balancing the interests of the film industry alongside creating a sustainable way to produce films.

Enter the world of Genuine Fakes by John Myatt

Alongside Green Eye Productions Academy and Parkland Pictures, Castle Fine Art hosted the event ‘Genuine Fakes’ book and film launch at  South Molton Street, London in the lanes of Mayfair.

Meet the Team

Green Eye Productions Academy

With the aim of reducing waste and improving work-life balance, the Academy’s working environment treats everybody fairly and equally, whether they are freelancers or employees under our care. In the same vein, we constantly support fresh and new talent as a way of helping them to step foot into the usually incredibly complex film industry.

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